Serena Williams approaches everything fearlessly - Anna Wintour

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Serena Williams approaches everything fearlessly - Anna Wintour

In an interview with Business Fashion, Anna Wintour commented on Serena Williams' fashion side. The Vogue Magazine editor-in-chief praised the American for being able to wear in a fashionable style and running her fashion line named after her, Serena.

“As someone who appreciates fashion and follows the industry, Serena is well aware of the rapidly changing retail market. Like many entrepreneurs of her generation, she has decided to forego traditional retail stores, a move that makes sense given the level of connection with her audience", said Wintour.

"Everything that Serena takes on, she approaches fearlessly and wholeheartedly. The same unwavering dedication that makes her a champion on the court carries over into every aspect of her life — whether that be in business, motherhood or tennis.

Serena decisively commits to any endeavour that she pursues”. Williams added: “Everything that I’ve been doing in my life and tennis, I can relate everything to entrepreneurship. Everyone can win when people are supporting them or giving them money and backing their careers.

Of course, they’re going to win. But if something happens and you fall, how do you recover? How do you come back? How do you change the narrative? How do you be true to yourself and be authentic? For me, it’s the same for the greatest entrepreneurs”.

Serena is training in the United States, she will play her next tournament in just more than two weeks in the Rome Open.