Serena Williams: 'I am a strong believer in visualization'

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Serena Williams: 'I am a strong believer in visualization'

In an interview, Serena Williams reflected on what the concept of resilience means to her. The American player said: “There have been so many times I was like, ‘I should just stop. This is pointless. I don’t have to do this.’ But I love what I do.

And if you truly love what you do then setbacks are just motivation for you to keep going. You get through it by knowing that it’s vital to have setbacks, or you won’t appreciate it when you make it”. She also spoke about the importance of emotions, which characterize the life of a tennis player and person too: “I’m not going to make a decision based on emotions or something that may have happened in the past.

I have to think about managing them. I make a decision that’s best for the business. And that’s our motto: do what’s best for the business”. Serena is focused on achieving a thing when she really wants to: “Millions of people have ideas every day and they just remain ideas.

But how do you get the idea to become something successful? I am a strong believer in visualisation. It’s like this meditation. You need to see things happening and envision yourself in a fantasy world, and really believe in that fantasy world until it comes true — or else it’s just going to be an idea”.