Serena Williams had many health issues over the last 18 months - Coach

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Serena Williams had many health issues over the last 18 months - Coach

In an interview to SPOX, Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou commented on his co-operation with the American that started in 2012 and also analysed the reasons why the 23-time Major winner has not been to compete at her best lately.

"Over the years, new challenges came up more and more times. We set new goals together. In tbe beginning, Serena was going through a tough time. She had not won a Grand Slam for two years. My challenge was to make Serena great again.

She found a plan that we went through together and that luckily came to a good end. After starting our co-operation, Serena won Wimbledon, US Open and Olympic Gold within three months. She trusted me from the first day. That's probably one of the main keys of our success.

At the end of 2012, Serena came back and she won a lot again. But then she explained how big the French Open was for her. She won there in 2002 but then nothing for ten years. She was not just able to perform well in Paris. But she wanted it so much, she wanted to win again there.

So we had a plan to win the French Open and a few months after she was there with the trophy and I knew how much that triumph meant to her. But then it happened that the ceremony had ended and a few minutes after she asked me to come to her while doing stretching.

She looked at me and she was like: 'Now we have to win Wimbledon' She had already forgotten her success in Paris and she had set the next goal. I saw some of these stories over the years." "Serena is not someone who gives up.

Her inside strength is extreme and she has the ability to deal with the toughest moments. She had a lot of health issues over the last year and a half, but she still feels able to win Grand Slams. She wants to reach the 25 Majors record."