Serena Williams cannot be perfect - Henin explains US Open outburst

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Serena Williams cannot be perfect - Henin explains US Open outburst

In an interview, the former Belgian player Justine Henin commented on Serena Williams's outburst against Naomi Osaka in the last year's US Open final. Henin said: "I think emotions got the better of her. As tennis players, we are role models and we have to be careful that we do not go too far and breach the line.

But in these kinds of situations, there are a lot of mixed feelings, frustration also - so l can understand what she must have been going through. That doesn't undo the fact that she is a big champion. She is also a human, she cannot be perfect all the time."

Asked if she would like her kids to start playing tennis, Henin replied: "It hasn't happened a lot in the past that kids of tennis players have taken up the sport of their parent. Do l hope that they become tennis players, then my answer will be no.

I am not going to push them for tennis. I always say that they will have their own talents - be it in sports or in any other arena. I will never push my kids to do something that they don't like." Henin made her French Open predictions.

A few days ago she picked Simona Halep on the women's side, while about the men's she is confident about the king of clay's chances: "In the men's draw, everyone is a bit worried how Rafael Nadal has been playing.

He was injured. He needs a little bit of time. But the guy is massively experienced. I wish he can win it one more time. I feel he isn't done yet." Asked what was her most memorable Grand Slam title was, Henin replied: "The first one at Roland Garros in 2003.

The first time you win is always special. Other than the French Open. Then I would say my second US Open in 2007. I played the best tennis of my career at that US Open and during that year. Beating Serena and Venus in quarters and semis was incredible. I never played at such a level ever."