It is hard to stop Serena Williams when she wants something - Henin

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It is hard to stop Serena Williams when she wants something - Henin

In an interview during her visit in India the former Belgian player Justine Henin commented on Serena Williams' motivation to try to win a Major title at 37 years of age. "I admire her, the fire, the passion", said Henin.

"I got the feeling she wants to keep going till she wins a grand slam now that she is a mum. Serena, when she wants something, when it is in her mind, it is very hard to stop her. Having kids without being a professional tennis player is hard, so I admire the motivation, the fact she still wants to try with the family.

A lot of respect for that." Henin was a great one-handed backhand player. What is the future of this shot? "I think we will see less and less because the game is getting more fast and physical. With two hands you control and get more power probably.

For me, I always had the feeling I could control a lot of power with a single hand. Maybe now the game is faster than it was when I stopped eight years ago." On the toughness of playing on Tour from January to late October or early November, Henin concluded: "Personally, I did prefer when you really had a clay season and a grass season.

It is still the case, but there were differences. You also knew at the end of the season, you will also play indoors. Now there is a big circuit in Asia, which didn’t really exist. I did like that, even if it wasn’t easy to adjust because you can imagine physically the surfaces were so different.

It is hard on the body. I think for the players, it is much better than all the surfaces get much closer in terms of how you move, even if on clay you still had to slide. In certain ways, it is better for the players, but in other ways, I did like it when it was really so different; you came to grass and it was fast, the bounce was low, and you had to work your muscles differently. I did like the extremes."