Not easy for mums Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka to come back

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Not easy for mums Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka to come back

In an interview to TennisNet, tennis TV presenter Barbara Schett commented on Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka making a comeback to tennis following their pregnancies. "Make a claim for the women, because it shows that a career is not that easy to plan.

The pregnancy itself lasts nine months, then it takes other nine months to be fit again. It also makes a difference if you have a kid like Kim Clijsters at 20 years of age, or 35. It's a very big physical pressure. But it's not just about it.

There is also a mental change. You have to spend some time with your kid. But it's nice to see them on court", said Schett. Schett also spoke about Dominic Thiem's popularity in Austria: "Dominic Thiem is obviously the big idol and the front runner.

He is a big motivation for everyone. That's a good starting point. Especially for the youngest players, it's important to see what you can get with Dominic. Even if you cannot compare it to Thomas Muster's time, you can see a certain boom."

What are the differences than the 90s? "For the younger people now, there are not just sports but also many social media and computer." On Simona Halep's last year French Open title, Schett concluded: "She works very hard but at the same time she is very self-critical.

Her footwork is unique, her consistency impressive, overall she is the most complete player on Tour. That's why she really deserves the first ranking positions, and I am happy she finally won a Grand Slam."