I do not consider myself the next Serena Williams, says Osaka

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I do not consider myself the next Serena Williams, says Osaka

In an interview with El Pais, Naomi Osaka reflected on Serena Williams' tennis greatness. The Japanese player said: "I admire everything she has fought for on the court, that she was always a guarantee to win, which seems very strange to me.

But I do not consider myself the next Serena, because I do not believe that there will ever be one like her. I consider myself as the next Naomi. I would like to win as many titles as her, but I am not sure I can do it. That's my goal but I do not want to put pressure on myself for trying to win 20 Grand Slams.

I am enjoying my life, my game, working as much as possible. I do not think there are limits. If I know that I can do something, there is always a way to succeed." Osaka is a close DS fan. How did she become passionate about it? "I thought you were going to say something else (laughing)!

Well, I got into -- I don't know if I mention these people you are going to know them. I got into (Indiscernible) and 21, especially CL. I want to say, like -- I don't know the year, sort of like when Crush and stuff came out.

And then I just saw like (indiscernible) doing a lot of related stuff so I was like who are these kids? Then I slowly started getting into them during the I Need U era. I don't know if you know this at all." On how she deals with the off-court commitments, Osaka added: "I just focus on playing tennis.

Thankfully, I have a really awesome agent and he sort of deals with more of that stuff for me. It's -- I'm super-honoured that I got the opportunity to do this and to wear the patch on my visor. Yeah, just looking forward to a lot of clothes stuff because the official announcement's, like, during the French Open."