Serena, Venus Williams are examples for their success - Stephens

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Serena, Venus Williams are examples for their success - Stephens

In an interview to ABC Sloane Stephens commented on her admiration for the Williams sisters. "Venus and Serena are two of the best players that I ever faced. But anyone has her own way. Theirs was unbelievable, an example for all the success that they got", Stephens said.

Recalling her 2017 US Open triumph, Stephens added: "Winning a Grand Slam changed my life a bit. I felt I had much more responsibility, but I accepted this pressure and I took it in a good way. I like it. It forces you to improve, to always deliver your game and wanting more.

It's a sacrifice, but when you achieve something, you know that's it's not because of luck. Tennis is a very tough sport, being consistent is the most difficult thing." Recalling her foot stress fracture, she added: "I went through a very bad time.

My family was the key not to lose the goal of keeping myself fit and positive. I try not to get crazy but sometimes that happens. I get crazy and I lose that calmness. I try to focus on what I do, staying careful. But in a match, the situation can get crazy and that's where you have to stop and think well about what you are doing."

On her new coach Sven Groeneveld, Stephens concluded: " I think that he's a great coach and obviously, he's helped me a lot. I definitely do think that, personally, I knew what I needed. I needed structure and consistency and someone who is going to have my back and be supportive, like all these things, and he checks all those boxes, so if it's Sven is making me win, then Sven is making me win (laughing) and that's all that matters. When I win, we all win."