Serena Williams can beat top players, not win French Open - Wilander

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Serena Williams can beat top players, not win French Open - Wilander

Serena Williams doesn't seem to have high chances to win the French Open according to the Swede Mats Wilander. In an interview, speaking in Romania, the Swede said: "I do not think she can win the title, but I think she can beat Simona Halep, Naomi Osaka and Sloane Stephens.

But I would be very surprised to see her winning seven matches on clay. She will win a Grand Slam but not the French Open." Wilander praised Stefanos Tsitsipas on the men's side: "He is a role model for children but also for us and the players.

He is not afraid to play against Federer in the Australian Open. He is not afraid to hit the one-handed backhand, go to the net. He serves and volleys even against Rafa Nadal. He is an inspiration not just for tennis fans but sports fans in general too.

You want to see Tsitsipas play well. Can the younger players win a Major when we have Roger, Rafa and Novak in the tournament? Very difficult, but their time will come. Out of the 19, 20 21-year-olds, in the beginning, I thought it was Denis Shapovalov.

Then there was Felix Auger-Aliassime, now Stefanos Tsitsipas. Yeah, he is one year older, but he behaves like someone who has been in the professional tennis for a long time. I think he will be the first to win a Major. Yeah, it may already happen in the French Open."

On what makes Simona Halep special, Wilander said: "First of all, it's her power to be mentally involved. Sometimes, however, that's her weakness. She gets distracted. We all have advantages and disadvantages. Rafa's forehand is his strength. I think the fans from all over the world appreciate how Simona stays on the court, very normal and natural."