Serena Williams will win French Open, says Bartoli

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Serena Williams will win French Open, says Bartoli

In an interview the former top ten player Marion Bartoli commented on Serena Williams's chances in the French Open. The American had a challenging year so far dealing with a knee injury. "I know that it seems unbelievable, but I think Serena will win", said the French.

"I think she will do it. When she heads into the court and she delivers her game, it's the key. She is physically better than in Australia. She always had short seasons and she focused on the big events, because she does not need to play a lot to play at her best.

I remember when she won here in 2015, playing at 20 percent... She did it once and again. Last year she played two Grand Slam finals being very far away from the top." Kim Clijsters added: "Serena is always Serena.

She always has the mentality set on what she wants to do. She was able many times to be at the top when nobody expected her to do it, despite she was not playing well, so why not again?" Instead, Mats Wilander does not expect too much from Serena: "What do I expect from Serena? That she is healthy."

Serena's coach Patrick Mouratoglou concluded: "She retired after winning her first round match in Rome as a precaution. However, we prepared well over the last ten days. Everything is under control, she is very focused and we will do every effort to make sure her knee allows her to go as far as possible."