Serena Williams did not look comfortable moving, says Wilander

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Serena Williams did not look comfortable moving, says Wilander

The former world No. 1 Mats Wilander did not expect Serena Williams to lose to Sofia Kenin in the French Open third round. Serena had raised her level on Thursday defeating Kurumi Nara in straight sets. In the same time Wilander said: "It reminded us how less tennis she has played since the Australian Open and how less clay-court tennis she has played.

At times she did not look comfortable moving. The crowd was turning against Kenin a little bit because of course she was fired up and they wanted to see the third set, the great champion Serena comeback and maybe win. Kenin stayed unbelievably strong but to be able to do that against Serena on the biggest stage in the world, that's an unbelievable effort.

All the younger players, when they are that young, the intimidation factor is gone. Because they watched Serena growing up and winning Grand Slams. So the intimidation is mostly about the history of Serena's career and not so much the game Serena plays anymore.

Kenin hit some beautiful drop shots, nice slice backhands like on the last match point. Her serve is very good, on first serve she got free points, she shows good emotions and she was very solid in general, it was hard to say how well she played because Serena didn't keep the ball inside the court well enough but Kenin was just a much better player."