Serena Williams hopes to be ready for Wimbledon, may play additional event

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Serena Williams hopes to be ready for Wimbledon, may play additional event

Serena Williams aims to go far at Wimbledon. After her third round loss in the French Open, the American player was asked if she will play at the All England Club. Serena hopes so. "I'm still working on it and working on getting there.

So I think it will be, I think it be enough time. We'll see, but I definitely hope so", said the 23-time Grand Slam winner who won seven Wimbledon titles. Asked if she got more support from the crowd than the previous years, Serena replied: "Yeah, I don't know.

I never really thought about it. You know, I think at the end of the day I have to just be true to myself, and I have to be me. I feel like I am a great person, both on and off the court. People cheer for what they now know as opposed to what they don't know."

Serena also added she may play a tournament prior to Wimbledon. She would probably pick Eastbourne or Birmingham. "Yeah, I'm definitely feeling short on matches, and just getting in the swing of things. I don't really like playing out points when I practice.

So I have some time on my hands, so maybe I'll jump in and get a wildcard on one of these grass court events and see what happens." "I don't know. It's hard to say. I feel like I have had some great runs last year, and, you know, I'm hoping to still build on that this year, and, you know, keep it going.

I don't know the great runs that I have had, but just at the Grand Slams. I just think that the player I played today, she just played literally unbelievable. She really went out there today and did great."