Sloane Stephens on Kenin-Williams: 'I have never been booed'

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Sloane Stephens on Kenin-Williams: 'I have never been booed'

Sofia Kenin was booed during her straight-set win over Serena Williams. Sloane Stephens was asked if she ever experienced something like this. "I don't think I have ever been booed. I mean, I've been cheered against, which if you've ever played Simona Halep in any country near Romania then you know what that's like.

But I have never been, like, legit booed. I didn't even know she got booed. Well, I didn't see any of it, but I didn't know that she got booed. I think that's good on her that she was able to just kind of see through it.

I would say that would be tough. Like, she's younger, so she probably hasn't experienced, like, that much -- you don't really experience booing. So I don't how I would really handle that. But kind of just probably put it out of your mind? I have no idea.

If that time ever comes, then I'll let you know." Kenin has repeatedly said how much you've helped her in Fed Cup play. What have you seen sort of out of her evolution through some really tough, tough losses and a really great win this spring? "Positivity to the universe when she was about to play that match.

I was, like, Pull it together. You're going to win. You're going to be fine. Like, Let's go, you got this. You have 15 people on the bench. We got your back. Don't worry about it. And I think for her it's just she needed to get over that one little hump.

Because she had lost all of her Fed Cup matches and, to be fair, like, in big moments where obviously that can bring your confidence level down. So I think for her, she just needed that one little thing to click, and I think she'll be fine. But she just needed a little extra push."