Serena Williams was not prepared to win French Open, says coach

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Serena Williams was not prepared to win French Open, says coach

In an interview to Eurosport, Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou commented on the American player's third round loss to Sofia Kenin in the French Open. The Frenchman admitted that expectations were not too high at the beginning of the event as Serena is not at her best yet following her knee injury.

“First of all, she knew she was not coming to this tournament being prepared the way she wanted to because of the big injury in Miami", said Mouratoglou. "For many weeks she was not able to do anything, because she had to recover, so the time she had to prepare was much too short.

She lost the match because her opponent played a great match – she was consistent from the first ball to the last one and she didn’t miss much, was aggressive and played the perfect match. Honestly, if Serena didn’t lose this one she would probably lose next round, or when the top players would have been the other side of the court.

Of course, it’s a disappointment, but in a way it had to happen – she was just not ready”. Speaking on the Tennis Channel Sam Smith praised the Sofia Kenin's win over Serena Williams in the French Open third round on Saturday.

Smith said: "Great respect from Williams, who knows when she is 60 per cent [fit] she can’t beat someone who is putting on this kind of performance. She was beaten out there. She was literally beaten by better tennis.

She didn’t play horribly, she played OK. Flashes of brilliance, but that’s not good enough when Kenin is playing really lights out tennis. She barely missed a ball out there."