Serena Williams always has chances to go far, says Johanna Konta

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Serena Williams always has chances to go far, says Johanna Konta

In a press conference in the French Open, after reaching the quarter-finals, Johanna Konta commented on Serena Williams' loss to Sofia Kenin in the third round on Saturday. The British player said: "I think that's been the growing mood for quite some time now, I think for the last few years.

But, I mean, I didn't watch the match, so I don't know how it went. I mean, I assumed Sofia played really well, and congrats to her. I mean, that's always a massive achievement. I think it's still really great to see Serena playing here, and, I mean, she's always in the running to make it to the end of any tournament.

So, I mean, it's nice to see competitive matches and for I think people to also enjoy matches where nothing's a given, and it can be unpredictable. I think that's the beauty of sport to have battles where you're not sure what the end result is going to be until it happens.

I think that's always enjoyable for a fan." On how the new Philippe Chatrier looks on TV, Konta added: "I actually haven't really seen it, to be honest. But I'm sure it's beautiful. If I get to play on it, then -- on, I think I play on Tuesday? Yeah, I don't know what day it is.

Next time I get to play, if I get to play in it, it will be nice." Konta is staying in an apartment in Paris: "I think I definitely look to try and stay in places where you can disconnect a little bit. A lot of the times during the year obviously we stay at official hotels and they can be a bit like a player lounge, which can be a bit exhausting.

I have stayed at this apartment for the past, I think, five, six years. I can't even remember how long. But, yeah, no, I enjoy staying there."