Dominic Thiem: 'Incident with Serena Williams was a very rare thing'

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Dominic Thiem: 'Incident with Serena Williams was a very rare thing'

Dominic Thiem defeated Gael Monfils in a straight-set fourth round match in the French Open to reach the quarter-finals. In a press conference the Austrian player said: "Yeah, it was a really good match. My best match so far in this tournament.

And I have to be honest, he helped me a little bit, because he had a really bad start into the match. Of course, the life on court is way easier if you're up 5-2 double break after only 20 minutes I think it was. That really helped me.

After that, I stayed solid. It was the first match for me at this tournament where it didn't have any up-and-downs. It was really solid. I'm very happy." Thiem also commented on being forced to leave the interview room on Saturday because Serena Williams didn't want to wait too long.

"I had an apology. I mean, I don't know who's fault it was exactly. It was just a very, very strange thing. I mean, it never happened to me before, something like that. I mean, I'm easygoing. Of course, it was strange for the first few minutes, but I have forgotten it now.

That's it for me. I don't know if it was her mistake or if it was only the mistake of the officials, but I don't know if she saw me or if she saw that somebody's in the room. So if she would have seen me, then it would be nicer from her to wait.

But, I mean, it's also understandable, in a sort of way. She lost and everything. So I think it was a little bit mistake of her, the mistake of the officials, but as I said, it's forgotten. It was a funny thing, strange thing, which made a big round in all the social networks, but, well, now I don't put any attention on it anymore."