Serena Williams is a bit injured, we have to solve it - Coach

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Serena Williams is a bit injured, we have to solve it - Coach

In an interview to Reuters, Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou denied that the American player will compete in a grass court tournament prior to Wimbledon. Serena said there may be a chance in order to gain match rhythm following her third-round exit against Sofia Kenin in the French Open, but Mouratoglou, speaking on Friday, said: "I don’t know yet, I don’t think so, because first the goal is for her to be injury-free and pain-free and then we need to work hard, so if she can play, great (but) I don’t know if she can play.

She’s a bit injured so we need to solve the problem because there is a double problem. The first problem is that she can’t prepare the proper way because of the injury, and the second thing is that she is playing with the pain, so we have to solve that." Serena said she thought about skipping the clay season and French Open every day.

Mouratoglou regrets their choice to compete there: "It’s probably better not to play when you’re not ready. This is one way to see it, but the other way to see it, the one I chose, Serena has been able in her career to figure out ways to win without being ready quite a number of times.

She won Roland Garros with 40 degrees fever. She won the Australian Open being completely unfit because she didn’t have time to practise after an injury. With Serena, there is no rule”.