Serena Williams needs to play matches, she needs to volley - Rod Laver

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Serena Williams needs to play matches, she needs to volley - Rod Laver

Rod Laver commented on Serena Williams's momentum. The American is not fit and she lost in the French Open third round to Sofia Kenin. "For me she needs to be out on the grass and play matches because she seems she has got all the strokes which she seems to pull out for a month or two but she is better off learning the pressure, learning to volley a bit better and just do not go for an ace all the time, but put first serve in 90 percent of the times", said Laver on Eurosport.

"She does not have a plan with volleys, that's what makes her get in trouble sometimes. But generally, because she is so strong and ability wise move around she finds herself losing and the other girls are not hackers, they are brilliant and they do not try and hit a winner on the groundstrokes, maybe they are just gonna drop it short.

And then she is thinking, Boy, now I am in trouble." Laver also analyzed how pressure can influence a player: "Pressure is certainly everywhere when you're playing matches. Depends on whether -- I think it's just how you apply yourself and how many chances -- if you lose your serve early in a set, that's pressure.

You've got to get yourself back into the game again. And so, you know, I think it's the way you play, if you compete if you compete for all the time, every match, every ball, every point. And I think that is the way I played.

Maybe that helped me get over some of the pressures, that I didn't get the pressure, because I didn't lose a lot of these matches, that -- there were chances that came up, and I'm not going to be down 15-40 all the time. You know, I found myself up 15-40. And I think that takes some of the pressure away."