Dominic Thiem says he may play Wimbledon mixed with Serena Williams one day

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Dominic Thiem says he may play Wimbledon mixed with Serena Williams one day

In a press conference in Vienna for Bank Austria, Dominic Thiem commented on one of the biggest controversies during the French Open. The world No. 4 had to leave the interview room because Serena Williams did not want to wait for him to finish.

"I feel a bit sorry for what happened. Maybe we can play mixed doubles in Wimbledon one day. I want to make clear: What Serena achieved in her career is out of everyone's imagination", said Thiem. Asked if he can crack the top three rankings, Thiem replied: "It's very tough, but I have just a few points to defend in the next future so getting closer may be possible."

"I was totally prepared", added Thiem when asked if he was tired during his French Open final loss to Rafael Nadal. "Tiredness is not the reason why I lost. I am still a bit disappointed and at the same time satisfied, but I am most of all motivated.

I got my best win ever over Djokovic, then I lost to Nadal who played the best match he ever did against me." On the clash between the next and old generation, Thiem added: "A 90s born player has never won a Major.

Djokovic, Nadal and Federer ruled. Tsitsipas will be a big player, as well as Zverev." Asked how he can improve, Thiem replied: "I cannot play too much better, but there are still things I can different, things I can take from Nadal, for example taking the balls early."

He also revealed his regret for his French Open loss: "I made a small mistake at the end of the second set by not leaving the court as well. I should have freshened up as well instead of letting my system cool down. Rafa let me pay for it."