I would like to face Serena Williams, says Karen Khachanov

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I would like to face Serena Williams, says Karen Khachanov

Karen Khachanov was asked by Gio Journal what he loves the most about tennis. The Russian player replied: "The way you fight, you fight alone on the court. You try to think what’s going on and analyze it. Tennis is a really complicated sport, because you need to solve your problems by yourself.

You need to always try to find a way to win. Every week you have a new opportunity, you either win or lose. I think from one hand it’s pretty tough but on the other hand, I just love to play tennis. I like the feeling of being on the court, to competing and trying to win."

Asked what former legend he would like to face in an official match, Khachanov said: "I think it would be Marat Safin, because he was one of my favorite tennis players at that time and I would love to play against him.

People compare me to him a little bit and it would be interesting to see where my level is against him. Also, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, of course." And what about the women's side? "Of course, Serena Williams.

She is at an unbelievable level. I would also say Chrissie Evert." Asked how he would like people to remember his career, he concluded: "That I have my own character. I was a great fighter, competitor, and that people respected what I was doing on court and what I achieved in my career."