Serena Williams and I do not talk about stopping, says coach

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Serena Williams and I do not talk about stopping, says coach

In an interview to the Wimbledon website, Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou commented on the American player's future retirement from tennis. The Frenchman expects Williams to play for a longer time. "We don’t talk about stopping.

We talk about achieving her goals and she’s not a quitter, so she’s going to everything to achieve her goals. She doesn’t think about stopping. But I’m sure when she will, she will probably stop", said Mouratoglou.

On Serena pairing up with Andy Murray in mixed doubles, Mouratoglou added: “I support 100 per cent this idea. It’s great for a few reasons. First of all because she didn’t play many matches this year and it’s going to help her also come back to a competitive mindset, by having more matches, and she’s going to take that very seriously.

Second, playing with Andy is a fantastic opportunity also for Serena, I think for both, but I’m looking of course from Serena’s side. Because it’s great, because it’s very competitive, and I feel like it’s going to be globally a very positive experience.

She’s going to serve, she’s going to return, she’s going to be in this competitive mindset and has to keep focused. She will try even more because there is Andy, and when you play doubles with someone, you also play for the other guy, so I’m sure it’s going to be great for both. I can’t wait."