Serena Williams: I had a lot of fun with Andy Murray

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Serena Williams: I had a lot of fun with Andy Murray

Serena Williams and Andy Murray opened their mixed doubles campaign at the Championships in Wimbledon in style defeating Andreas Mies and Alexa Guarachi 6-4 6-1 on Saturday. The American player said: "I think it was fun.

I had fun out there. Some moments I thought were really fun. But we're obviously here to do well, but have fun at the same time. We have a lot we want to get better on as a team. I think we did great for the first day. I think overall we just want to keep it up.

I thought we served well. Those key points, kind of getting in the groove. We both haven't played a tremendous amount. I think we both are kind of really taking this, Okay, this is great for both of us to get those points, those points we really need to convert on.

"At some point I started feeling a lot of pressure. 'Oh, my God, I have to do well because this match is so hyped that I want to see it.' I didn't even want to be in it, I kind of just wanted to watch it. Maybe I'll try to get a video of it or watch it somewhere. Overall, I think I was able to handle my nerves pretty good, do better than I thought I was going to do."