Serena Williams looks much fitter, says Wilander

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Serena Williams looks much fitter, says Wilander

The Eurosport pundit Mats Wilander, a seven-time Grand Slam winner, commented on Serena Williams' Wimbledon chances. The American player has reached the quarter-finals dropping only a set through the event so far. "I think that Serena looks good and she has worked hard, she looks fitter than she did in Paris.

To me, it’s the best she’s looked since she had her baby even though she made two finals last year. There is something fresher about her. But at the same time it does look like she gets nervous, she starts slowly – how does that happen after you’ve warmed up? That tells me she’s not really sure or confident with where she is with her tennis", said Wilander.

Boris Becker instead spoke about Novak Djokovic: "Djokovic this year is different to last year. Last year was his comeback tournament, he needed to come back to number one and he wasn’t the favourite going in to last year.

This year, he is the favourite but he is mentally, I find him a little bit softer than last year because of the wins he has had, because of the disappointment in Paris, he is not as strong as he was last year. He is hurting from the French, the question is, is the opposition strong enough to take advantage, as we speak now, it’s not."

On her next opponent Alison Riske, Williams said: “She’s a fighter on the court. She’s playing really great, especially on the grass. She’s attacking that ball really well. She doesn’t let anything limit her”.