Serena Williams: I had so much fun with Andy Murray

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Serena Williams: I had so much fun with Andy Murray

Serena Williams enjoyed playing mixed doubles in Wimbledon with Andy Murray. The American player, following their loss on Wednesday said: "We had so much fun. We aren’t ready for it to be over. But we both are obviously focused on our health, both of us actually, taking it literally one day at a time, seeing what happens from there."

Murray credited their opponents' performance: "I thought, yeah, they played well. I think they’ve played quite a bit together. And, yeah, they were solid. ‘I think we were probably a little bit more up and down than them throughout.

They were more consistent. Bruno played a bad game on his serve at 5-4 in the second set. Apart from that, we weren’t getting lots of free points. We were having to work for every game. Yeah, they deserved to win." Serena spoke about the difference between playing on court and supporting from the box: "Definitely harder.

I know from experience, I'd much rather be on the court than in the box. I didn't notice a lot. I was really out there, sometimes I would look out there and pump my fists. Towards the end I saw the box jumping, which is, looking back, really cool. Most of all I don't really notice the emotions. I know it's extremely hard in the box, though."