Alison Riske: 'I gave everything I had against Serena Williams'

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Alison Riske: 'I gave everything I had against Serena Williams'

Alison Riske lost to Serena Williams in a three-set Wimbledon quarter-final match. Riske said: "I definitely gave it everything I had. I'm really proud of my effort today. I definitely thought maybe I had a peek here and there at a couple openings.

But Serena really upped her level, as only a champion would. Yeah, she won the match. It was really actually very interesting for me to be on the opposite end because I felt her up her game and her intensity. Yeah, I hope she takes the title now.

I think that it's no secret that Serena has an amazing serve. But Serena has an equally as amazing return. I've never played anyone that has a return like Serena. That put a lot of pressure on my serve. I was then more cognizant of when I was missing my first serve.

Wow, here I go serving another second serve, she's probably going to throw this down my throat. It does put a lot of pressure on you just because she starts points unlike anyone else on tour. I thought she did that exceptionally well today and I was definitely feeling the pressure."

"I actually thought I did a very good job in my return games against Serena. I unfortunately, again, wasn't able to do as well on my serve. That's because Serena's return is exceptional. It was kind of a Catch-22.

I really did as best I could, and it was all credit to Serena for being able to take it to me, really make things happen.