Barbora Strycova 'not sure' about playing as long as Serena Williams

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Barbora Strycova 'not sure' about playing as long as Serena Williams

Barbora Strycova won just three games against Serena Williams in the Wimbledon semi-finals on Thursday. Speaking in a press conference, the world no. 54 said: "I thought today that Serena was playing extremely well. I think it was her best match of all here.

She was serving amazing. She was playing very deep, so I really couldn't play what I wanted to do. Well, if she will play like this in the final, it's going to be very hard for Simona. But Simona has also her weapons. You know every day is different.

So far like today, she was playing amazing." On Serena's movement, Strycova added: "I think sometimes she doesn't have to move because she's so powerful and her strokes have so much power that, like, from my point of view you just hit the ball and then the ball coming so fast at you that you are just happy to go over the net.

She doesn't really have to move. I think that when she's in the draw and playing more matches, she's moving better, playing better, serving better. I think also she could show it today, that she was getting and reaching balls like maybe I thought not to like the first-second round."

Strycova took what's positive from this experience: "I was very happy that I was playing against Johanna on Centre because it helped me a lot. I was nervous to play Johanna on Centre because the court for me is something very special.

To go out there today to play semis, of course, I felt it, but not as much as I played the quarters. Yeah, playing an opponent like Serena, it was unfortunate maybe (smiling). But I tried my best today. Even though if I would be 100% fit, I am not sure that I would have any chance because she didn't let me get into the game", said the Czech, who concluded saying she is not "sure" if she wants to play until Serena's age at 37 years.