Serena Williams: '12 months ago I was sad but also proud'

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Serena Williams: '12 months ago I was sad but also proud'

Serena Williams recalled her last year's loss to Angelique Kerber in a straight-set Wimbledon final. The American player said: "I don't remember much. I just remember I was tired and Angie played unbelievable. I actually was sad but I was also proud of myself.

There was nothing I could do in that match. I did everything I could. Physically I just wasn't there. I remember after that I just trained and I trained and I trained to get physically more fit. So I'm definitely at a different place.

I'm just playing for me. Last year was a really special moment. Oh, my God, Olympia was 10 months. She's not even two yet, yeah. So for that it was definitely a different moment. It's a different experience. I'm happy to be back in this experience.

I definitely wouldn't have predicted it a month ago, but here I am. I'm playing for everyone that didn't predict it a month ago (laughter). Yeah, I didn't have the preparation coming into Wimbledon of training for two weeks even.

So that would have been nice. But now I have to look at it in a different place. I have been, just this whole year, trying to stay fit so I can be able to play in Grand Slams?", concluded the 37-year-old who will face Simona Halep on Saturday.