Serena Williams has to get even fitter, says John McEnroe

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Serena Williams has to get even fitter, says John McEnroe

John McEnroe believes that Serena Williams needs to be better physically in order to win Grand Slams again. After 37-year-old's loss to Simona Halep, the seven-time Major winner said: "Serena Williams has to get herself even fitter because at that level she can be exposed - especially if nerves come in to play.

Halep moves better than anyone on the tour. Why she thought she couldn't play well on grass I don't know. Maybe it took her a while to figure out. Today was the best match she's ever played and she's just beaten Serena Williams in 55 minutes."

On the Wimbledon men's final, McEnroe said: "What I really respect about Novak Djokovic is that he inspires himself [by geeing up the crowd] and plays better. That's what really matters. He is one of the all-time great movers on a tennis court.

He gets to a lot more balls than people expect. He makes you hit so many extra shots and it drives you nuts. As for Roger, can you imagine five or six years ago that he would be trading forehands with Rafa Nadal at his age? It's unthinkable."

A tennis expert spoke about Federer's evolution: "Federer switched from 90 to 97, that was an enormous jump. Before that, Roger even played with 85, the little racket of his childhood idol Pete Sampras. His strings' weight is three or four kilos bigger than his old racket, he reached the 26 kg-limit. Nadal's racket is bigger, so he can hit more powerful."