Serena Williams: 'I feel like I am still incredibly competitive'

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Serena Williams: 'I feel like I am still incredibly competitive'

Serena Williams commented on the many expectations around her in the last 20 years. The American said:"I'm my 20s -- I'm always expected to win, but it's a different circumstance for me. Seems like every Grand Slam final I'm in recently has been an unbelievable effort to get there.

It would be interesting to see how it would be under different circumstances. I can't say that I have a lot of tension or super tense. The only thing I can say is today I think my opponent played unbelievable. I feel like I'm still incredibly competitive or else I wouldn't really be out here, per se.

For the most part, I feel like I'm on the right track. I'm just going in the right direction in terms of getting back to where I need to be. My knee feels great. I couldn't be happier with it. So, yeah, I'm really excited to test it out and keep going."

Serena confessed: "I had no chance at the French this year, for sure. Someone told me I shouldn't look at the records any more. I should just focus on my game. That's kind of what I've been doing since I got to 18.

In the meantime, I got pregnant, had a baby, so... That definitely plays a little bit into it. I don't know. I feel like I'm just really on this journey of just doing the best that I can, playing the best that I can when I can."