Having Serena Williams and younger players is great, says Anisimova

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Having Serena Williams and younger players is great, says Anisimova

Speaking to reporters in San Jose, the American rising star Amanda Anisimova commented on her admiration for Serena Williams. The 17-year-old and world No. 23 tries to take inspiration from the 23-time Grand Slam winner. "I feel like everyone has already played her, but hopefully I'll get to play her.

Honestly, whenever I play a top player I always look up to them. So I still feel that a little bit and I have respect for any player I play. But the confidence I have in myself and I'm sure other players my age have that who have achieved their results.

It's just having confidence. I look up to all the players I play. It's really cool to play the best in the world. For me, I enjoy it every day", said Anisimova, who also spoke about the American next generation: "I think we're doing really well.

A lot of the junior players around my age, they're coming up and definitely working hard. It's nice to see some fresh faces on the tour and to have a little bit of a mixture. To have Serena still playing and a lot of younger players, it's really cool to see."

Anisimova feels confident ahead of the American hard-court season: "I grew up playing on hardcourt so that's my No.1 surface. But surprisingly in juniors, I always did well on the clay court. In the South American tournaments, I would win a lot of tournaments and my first final in a junior Slam was the French, actually."