Serena Williams: 'You have to believe in yourself more than anything'

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Serena Williams: 'You have to believe in yourself more than anything'

In an interview, Serena Williams stressed that fighting for equality is one of her priorities. The American player said: “I think it’s important to always stick up for yourself. I’ve always done this since day one.

And I hope especially in this age of people just basically being mean, you know, for lack of a better word...whether it’s through comments or whether it’s through, have to you really love you and stick up for you and believe in you more than anything and be happy with yourself."

Serena added: “I think that’s so important because really, what we do and the changes we make and the voices that we provide now today, is gonna help our women up tomorrow. It’s really for the greater good”.

On the French tennis, Bahrami added: "We have to wait to see what happens in two or three years, see where we are. I would like to see Lucas Pouille cracking the top ten rankings again. There are many younger players who play well.

Lucas had an amazing year in 2017 and then the early part of 2018." Bahrami has French and Iranian citizenship. "I had a difficult journey. I am very proud of being French, I feel French, France is my home. Iran is the place where I was born, i am very proud for that too because it's where my grassroots are, my family lives there and I go there every year to visit them.

Now my life is in France, I have a French wife and my sons. I had ups and downs in my life, but now I am happy to be in a free place. Before, I had to leave Iran as I could not play tennis there."