I thought Serena Williams would have retired, says Cirstea

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I thought Serena Williams would have retired, says Cirstea

In an interview the Romanian player Sorana Cirstea commented on Serena Williams competing at a high level again after giving birth. "I thought Serena Williams would have not came back", admitted Cirstea. "Hat down for her.

I like the way she plays because I am a fan of aggressive tennis. She is not my favorire player, but I am able to appreciate what she does well. She came up with the idea of playing aggressive in women's tennis, because until that time they only wanted to hit the ball through the net.

Serena and Venus have changed tennis and I have always been a fan of their game. I was interested in seeing her matches in the Australian Open. She is 37 years old, she won everything she could, but in Australia this year I saw her going to the net and using angles.

It's a big change. She probably realized that she had to do something new. In general, people who watch tennis underestimate Serena because they see her dimension. It seems she cannot move quickly on court. She serves si well and returns so well that she forces you to stay on the defence on almost every point.

No one serves like Serena. She leads from the beginnings. It's very difficult because she also stays on the baseline and she takes the ball very quickly. Her points do not last too much, so her matches are pretty fast. She is so smart, she saw she could not move as fast as before and so she switched strategy."