Naomi Osaka shares what makes Serena Williams unique

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Naomi Osaka shares what makes Serena Williams unique

Naomi Osaka shared what makes Serena Williams different than other players. The Japanese, who beat the American both times they faced each other in 2018 Miami and US Open, said: "I mean, it's just so different, though, the way that she strikes the ball.

I can't even compare it. But then again, I haven't played Serena in what feels like forever. So I think I'm going to be surprised when I start playing with her tomorrow too. But for me, the most impressive thing that I saw tonight was her movement.

Like, she's a crazy good mover, just sliding. So hopefully I can learn that from her." Osaka thinks she is competing at a high level: "I'm happy to be back on hard. It feels very comfortable for me. But I have a few kinks that I feel like I need to work out, but they're slowly getting better.

And I don't think the goal is to be comfortable here. I think the goal is to be comfortable in New York. So I'm not too stressed about it. And for me, I'm just enjoying my time here. Like, I literally lost three times in the first round last year, so I'm not stressed about anything."

"I'll treat it like a regular quarterfinal, but I haven't been in a quarterfinal in a while", continued Osaka speaking about the upcoming match against Serena. "So I -- I don't know. I'm just really excited.

Like, I grew up watching her. So whenever I get the opportunity to play her, like, it's something that I feel is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And it feels more like I'm showcasing my skills to her, like, Look what I can do.

You know what I mean? So I go into the matches with that mentality. And just super grateful to get the chance to play her."