Serena Williams: '2018 was a miraculous year for me'

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Serena Williams: '2018 was a miraculous year for me'

Serena Williams commented on how different her match in Toronto was against Naomi Osaka compared to the ones she lost to the Japanese at the Miami and US Opens last year. The American said: "I knew her game a little bit more, so that's a little easier.

And, you know, I'm just overall a little bit better. You know, last year was -- you know, it was a miraculous year for me, to be honest. And, yeah, so I know her game. I watch her a lot. And I was just -- know how to -- I know what I need to do to hopefully try to get a win (on Friday), and it helped a little bit."

Sharing how her mental approach was heading into the match, Serena added: "It's definitely good for me, you know, to keep the competition and, you know, to have players like her who can, you know, play really well.

I go into every match thinking I can do it, but, you know, sometimes that doesn't happen. But overall I just went in with a similar mindset of just coming out and doing the best that I can." On her long co-operation with her coach Patrick Mouratoglou that has been lasting since 2012, Serena concluded: "I don't like change, so that's one thing I've been working on personally.

But I would rather not change too much. I don't really like too much change." Then, she joked, "And I don't know why he deals with me, so..."