Serena Williams: 'I've played many matches incredibly injured'

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Serena Williams: 'I've played many matches incredibly injured'

Serena Williams played just four games in the Toronto final against Bianca Andreescu. The American would have loved to continue her match, but that was impossible for her. "I know my body. And I've played many matches incredibly injured, you know, but this is just different," said Serena.

"Like, it's difficult for me to serve, for me to -- I mean, I could move, but I need my upper body. My lower body was fine, but I just couldn't do anything with my upper body and, again, for this period of time.

So that was just -- and I had so much treatment before, hours and hours of treatment. So I just knew. I knew I wasn't going to be able to continue. I do different treatments. I take a day off. But obviously, I didn't have 24 hours or plus to take off.

But in that first phase, it is incredibly painful, to a point where I usually don't get out of bed. So if it's what typically happens, I will be fine, but I have to wait and see." Asked if she is going to Cincinnati, Serena replied: "Yeah.

As of now, I'm going to go to see what happens." What was the best moment she had this week at Rogers Cup? "My best moment is definitely today out there with Bianca. I'm officially a fan. I mean, I was before, like I said.

But I just think I was really sad, and she made me feel a lot better, so that was really nice. She's only 19. She definitely doesn't seem like a 19-year old in her words, on court and her game, her attitude, her actions. You know, so that's what I mean by that."