Osaka shares why loss to Serena Williams was her funniest match in 2019

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Osaka shares why loss to Serena Williams was her funniest match in 2019

Naomi Osaka met the reporters in Cincinnati on Monday. The Japanese player spoke about her recent loss to Serena Williams in the Rogers Cup quarter-finals in Toronto. The world No. 1 described that match as 'the most fun of the year' for her.

"In my clay and grass matches, I would shut down and not talk to anyone after a loss. After my match against Serena, I could still talk to everyone and figure out exactly what I could do better. When she aces me, I feel like I should get angry, but I’ve watched her do that to people on TV, so I start laughing.

I’m like, ‘Yo, I’m really getting aced by her right now.’ It’s like I haven’t fully levelled up my character and I’m playing against a boss", said Oksa.a For Osaka, not focusing just on tennis is the priority: "I want to broaden my mind, and know that it’s not all about the tennis court.

Tennis players tend to think everything comes down to that one match, or only within the lines of the court. Later on, you understand that life is more than just tennis, and you have a bigger impact than you think you do. I’m just realizing stuff like that."

Osaka finally shared an interesting thought on how the attention increased towards her: "I’ve been really lucky because I had to do a lot of Japanese press, even when I was No.100. That wasn’t normal, like having to do press when you’re ranked that low is a bit strange.

But it got me used to everything. I kind of like talking to you guys; you ask me interesting questions about me, my sweater. You're all always keeping it real."