Sofia Kenin shares what she likes the most about Maria Sharapova

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Sofia Kenin shares what she likes the most about Maria Sharapova

In a press conference in Cincinnati, Sofia Kenin was asked who was her childhood idol. The American indicated two active tennis players. "Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, for sure. Serena has got the amazing serve. You can't compare.

Never gonna have that serve, but I would love to have a motion like hers. We'll see," said Kenin. Asked what she likes about Sharapova, Kenin replied: "She's fierce. She's very competitive. Never gives up. That's like Russian instinct for me.

I was born in Russia. I have always looked up to her. I think it's great that she won Wimbledon at 17. I was watching, lying on the couch. I'm, like, Oh, my God, it's Maria Sharapova, she just won Wimbledon. How cool would it be if I do that? Of course, I'm not gonna win at 17, because I'm already 20.

So we'll see." Kenin reached the semifinals in Ohio after Naomi Osaka retired from their match during the third set on Friday. "I feel like I'm just having really great wins, you know, beating these top players.

Yeah, I'm just finding my rhythm while playing really well. Yeah, I couldn't be happier with how things are going," said Kenin. "Game-wise she still has a really big serve, you know, great shots, very flat. I mean, the fact changed she's No.

1, having a great year and having two Grand Slams, which is spectacular and really great. Just unfortunate today. She felt bad. I just wish her a speedy recovery."