Serena Williams speaks about financial abuse

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Serena Williams speaks about financial abuse

In an interview, Serena Williams spoke about the financial abuse that people, especially women, go through. The American player said: “I have a really, really close friend of mine who was involved in a domestic abuse situation and it was really difficult, because she couldn’t see the signs — and the were signs there, and we all tried to tell her, we all tried to help her, but she just had to come to it on her own and see it on her own.

We had to let her know we were there, and partners and people that are doing this want to make you feel so alone and that no one loves you and no one cares about you. It means even more to me because now she’s broken free of that relationship and she wants to do a lot to talk about this.

“When things hit so close to home, I think it’s so important to use your platform and your opportunities to not only have fun with your platform but also talk about things that are important to you. And this is important to me”.

Nike ambassadors Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Naomi Osaka, Simona Halep, Sloane Stephens and Elina Svitolina among others attended the Learning for an Event in New York that was aimed at inspiring local kids. Speaking to the crowd, Williams said: "I think sport, especially in a young lady's life, is incredibly important.

Staying with sports brings a lot of discipline. In your life, you might have to stick with something that's super difficult. [You get through] by things that you can go through in sports." Halep, the Wimbledon champion said: "I got confidence from this sport.

I have learned from this sport that we don't have to give up and we can achieve anything." Sloane Stephens said, "I've learned that anything is possible. I think that the biggest thing that this sport has taught me is to believe in myself and to believe in my dreams."