Walking away from Serena Williams is the ballsiest move, says Bajin


Walking away from Serena Williams is the ballsiest move, says Bajin

Sascha Bajin was first a hitting partner and then became a coach. On his book, Bajin spoke about how boring a job like his can become. “Boredom is a problem for almost everyone at work. Even elite tennis players, such as Naomi, Caroline Wozniacki and Victoria Azarenka, occasionally feel bored at work.

That's inevitable when you're doing the same thing again and again, whether on the practice court or in the office. Your mind tires of the repetition, and you can feel your energy and enthusiasm draining away. About the only exception is Serena Williams, who is capable of doing the same thing day in and day out without getting bored; that girl's a machine", wrote Bajin, who worked with the American for several years.

Opening up furthermore on the 23-time Grand Slam winner, Bajin added: “Walking away from Serena Williams is about the ballsiest move you can make in tennis. For seven years, I was Serena's hitting-partner, in which time she won thirteen Grand Slam singles titles, while I had some of the most beautiful times of my life, and we grew so close that we were almost like brother and sister.

Then, in 2015, I told Serena: ‘I’m sorry, but we have to go our separate ways.’ As comfortable as my life with Serena was, I had reached a point where I felt as though I was no longer learning, and that's why I couldn't stay as her hitting-partner.

In any walk of life, you'll never improve if you're not always looking to learn, and that means trying something new. I just knew I had reached a peak, and I needed more from my work. I had to do something. I had to make a change”.

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