I played my best matches against Serena and Venus Williams, says Muguruza

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I played my best matches against Serena and Venus Williams, says Muguruza

In an interview to XL Semanal Garbine Muguruza spoke about how it felt like to defeat Serena and Venus Williams. The Spanish player said: "Serena is the best in the world. I also defeated Venus. I only played three Grand Slam finals and they were all against the Williams.

They were the best matches in my career." Asked about how it felt like to earn $15 million career prize money so far, Muguruza replied: "It's the prize of sacrifice. I am aware that my career is very short and your body is perfect to give everything only for 10 years."

Asked why she has set her residence in Geneva, Switzerland, Muguruza replied: "There are many athletes in my club who live there. I went to Geneva because it's a good training base to work with my team. But I do not live in any place.

I stay for three days in Spain, in Switzerland one month... I travel all the time. I have a lot of people who help me and also the IMG that represents me. I am surrounded by a good team." In an interview to TODAY Parents the 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams commented on her sister Venus's influence since she became a mother in 2017 giving birth Olympia.

"She's great", Serena said on Venus. "None of us grew up! We're all just a bunch of kids having fun. I feel like the older (Olympia) gets, the more I go back to being how I was," said the former world No.

1 player. "I don't know if that's normal, but that (pre-baby life) started coming back for me. Some days are harder than others." Venus added: "Our relationship was already spectacular, so nothing had to change."