Serena Williams shares struggles in playing at night

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Serena Williams shares struggles in playing at night

Serena Williams analyzed what made her have a turnaround against Catherine McNally during their second round match at the US Open. The former world No. 1 said: "I had to stop making errors. I made so many errors in the first two sets.

I was just too many. You can't win tournaments making that many errors. I knew I had to play better, and I knew I could. I think it's great because I want to be able to win matches where I'm not playing my best, play players who are playing great, be able to come through.

I need to be tested, I guess. Sounds scripted. Actually, I'd rather not be tested in every match. But that doesn't happen, so it's important for me to have those, like, really rough, rowdy matches. That helps a lot."

On her next opponent Su-Wei Hsieh, Serena added: "I've played Su-Wei before. Muchova did well in Wimbledon. Actually got to see some of her matches, but not enough. It will be a good job for me to watch a little bit."

On how she prepares for the night sessions, Serena said: "Night sessions are definitely difficult for me because you don't really get a day off. It's like my day off is not really a day off because I play so late.

Preparation is different. When you're in a zone all day, at least I am, I'm focused all day, thinking about the match, how I'm going to do. So, yeah, that's kind of just what I do. I just stay in bed and watch the Avengers animated series until it's time to go."