At some point Serena Williams will think about her recent losses - Wilander

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At some point Serena Williams will think about her recent losses - Wilander

Mats Wilander commented on Serena Williams's straight-set win over Karolina Muchova at the US Open. The Swede, speaking on Eurosport, said: "I thought that Muchova was gonna give her a test but Serena looked much better today than she did in the first two matches.

Playing in those conditions help her serve and when she feels she can win points through slice serve, it relaxes her and she can go for the big first serves as well. She is moving in the right direction. She must be thinking at some points about what happened at the last three Grand Slam finals she played in.

It starts in the second week because for some players the first week is a bit like practice. Serena is the greatest tennis female player of all time and at some point that will enter in her mind. Now that Simona Halep is out, she is the favorite to win."

Wilander also spoke about Stan Wawrinka who has not been very consistent so far this year: "It's physical. Stan likes to work out and practice hard, he needs to feel strong to be able to hit as strong as he does from both side and serve is his weapon.

He is starting to come back, he loves US Open, he loves tough matches and fifth sets. He needs to focus more, that comes from playing and winning matches. You cannot practice that. It's only on the match court. It's little steps that are needed.

He hired Dani Vallverdu who is one of the most serious coaches in the game so it means he is not done yet." On Wawrinka breaking his racket, Wilander added: "Players show frustration often not because they are not playing well but because they want to let their angry mode go away."