Serena Williams on her ankle condition after injury scare

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Serena Williams on her ankle condition after injury scare

Serena Williams overcame an anle scare to beat Petra Martic 6-3 6-4. In a press conference, the American said: "I feel fine right now physically, and obviously my state is super intense. I'm always incredibly intense.

Just trying to keep moving forward. I had a really bad ankle sprain in January. I was like, instantly, No, this can't happen. I'm finally healthy. But I'll see tomorrow. So far I'm good. I have been managing it. We'll see tomorrow."

Serena put a tape on her ankle learning from the experience she had at the Australian Open: "Yeah, I definitely wanted to have a better plan. I probably should have seen a trainer in Australia. But I just thought -- I definitely thought about that, because I was -- like I said, the first thing was, like, I'm finally healthy.

The last thing I want is to have another bad ankle sprain. So I just wanted to get, like I said, get some compression on it and tape it even stronger and that way I can at least try to finish the match." What motivates her so much? "Honestly, simply, I like the wins most. That's it. You know, I think I do that for me and, yeah, that's what I like most", she concluded.