Wilander shares the only player who may beat Serena Williams at the US Open

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Wilander shares the only player who may beat Serena Williams at the US Open

Mats Wilander spoke about Serena Williams's win over Petra Martic. The Swede said: "She is playing really well, serves really well, she is taking a lot by her game when it's not very humid. This is a tricky opponent.

But Serena seems to overpower this kind of opponents. I think in an eventual semifinal Madison Keys can go toe by toe with Serena." On Naomi Osaka sharing her on court interview with Cori Gauff, Wilander added: "That was a great move by Naomi Osaka.

I respect her a lot for that. It was good for Gauff that she won easily. The worst thing we can do is to pressure on Gauff, who is not ready to play and beat the top girls on a consistent basis. She may need two, three or four more years for that.

She is gonna develope in her own time. She has the mind of a champion. It's important for everybody around her to understand that tennis for Gauff right now is not about winning but improving. People around her do not need to push her to win too much.

She still needs to improve, hit a better forehand, hit better second serve, be less emotional in one way. It's a great story." Meanwhile Grigor Dimitrov spoke about his difficult season: "It's easier to get to the top but then it's harder to stay there.

It's always been hard. I got injured for the first time. But especially this tournament I just have been positive. I have been doing the right things, practicing, competiting. I have lost a lot of rankings points."