I couldn’t handle Serena Williams' power, says Wang

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I couldn’t handle Serena Williams' power, says Wang

Qiang Wang lost to Serena Williams in a straight-set quarter-final match at the US Open 6-0 6-1. Speaking in a press conference the Chinese player said: "The biggest court in the world. It's a little bit tight for me.

Against Serena, she do lot of pressure to me. So is not easy to play against her. I think she's really great player. Yeah, she just great. I don't know what to say." Asked what her tactics was about, Wang replied: "Try to stay with her, play more rallies, yeah.

The power, like, I cannot handle it. Just too much for me." Wang has clear ideas on what she should improve: "Build my muscle, be powerful. Just more than now I think, yes. I think I need do more." She still takes the positives: "I think I did really good job in two weeks.

Doesn't matter the last match. I think it's very positive for me. I just talk to my coach. We are very positive to the future, yes." Johanna Konta also lost to Elina Svitolina. The British player said: "I have played her three times or four, I think.

Haven't beat her yet. I do feel that was the probably the best I felt her play against me. She played so well, to be honest. Actually, I didn't play badly at all. I actually felt like I was doing a lot of good things out there, a lot of the right things."