Elina Svitolina: 'Serena Williams makes unbelievable effort every day'

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Elina Svitolina: 'Serena Williams makes unbelievable effort every day'

Elina Svitolina praised Serena Williams's longevity. Speaking after her loss to the American player in the US Open semifinals, the Ukrainian said: "I think she knows what she has to do. She has unbelievable strength.

She gives lots of power. There's lots of power behind her shots all the time. That's what makes her unbelievable, legendary tennis player. On the important moments, she step up, always step up, always brings her best game.

What she does is unbelievable effort on a daily basis. I know that you have to work every day. You have to be always ready, always prepared for any match because everyone most of the time now playing their best level against you.

All the girls from the first round, they're ready to give a fight, take their chances. What she does and what she achieved, it's something unbelievable. For sure, everyone who dream about it. For now, only her who can do it.

It's really unbelievable." On the upcoming Asian swing, Svitolina said: "I have a flight on Saturday to go to Zhengzhou. I'm going to play my match on Tuesday or Wednesday. I have no time for preparation. I'm going to recover and see how it goes because been little bit having some issues with my knee, which again I don't want to go back into what was in the summer, which is tough.

I will see how it goes, my health. I'm now going to play few tournaments in China. They're very important, of course. I'm trying to get back in Shenzhen."