This is by far the best Serena Williams since pregnancy, says Shriver

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This is by far the best Serena Williams since pregnancy, says Shriver

In an interview to ESPN the pundit Pam Shriver commented on Serena Williams reaching the US Open final after beating Elina Svitolina in a stunning straight-set semifinals match. Shriver said: "I think this is by far the best Serena has looked since coming back.

Caty McNally threw her off in the second round with her different style of play, but she found a way to adjust and switch gears to win. And then what she did in the quarterfinals was out of this world. She is ready to win, and I think has set herself up at this point to have a better chance to do that than anyone else."

Shriver added: "She's been to three finals now looking for No. 24. So we've been talking about it on every platform for so long now, you can only talk about it so much. Of course there's still a lot to say about it, but there have been plenty of other great things to talk about.

Storylines are rich here, and they are shared. So that has taken the spotlight off of her a bit, and maybe even some of the external pressure, but it doesn't change the pressure she puts on herself and how badly she wants to win this."

In an interview to The New York Times the 18-time Grand Slam winner Martina Navratilova analyzed the upcoming US Open women's final between Serena Williams and Bianca Andreescu. Navratilova said: “She’s already shown it, and the pressure is off.

She’s playing Serena Williams, so Serena’s got a bigger game, obviously. But Bianca’s got heart, and she’s a competitor. I think she’ll match the intensity of Serena. I just don’t know if she can match her game”.