Serena Williams needs to serve better to win Grand Slams again - Wilander

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Serena Williams needs to serve better to win Grand Slams again - Wilander

Speaking on Eurosport the former world No. 1 Mats Wilander commented on Bianca Andreescu's US Open final win over Serena Williams. The Swede said: "In the beginning Andreescu broke right away, she was returning so well although Williams had a terrific day on serve.

Andreescu is so mature, she has a great feel and power and she can show to the world that she can play her best tennis in key moments. Most women the backhand is the best shot and instead that's her forehand. She has a lot more power on the forehand side than most women.

Andrescu was much better today from the first point and pretty much until the last point. Serena did not play her best match but Andreescu moved so well and she was so aggressive taking the ball. Serena has to serve a lot better than he did today.

On 6-3 5-1 Andrescu started missing a little bit. The crowd started to really get involved in the match." On Serena, Wilander added: "The last two finals, I was surprised about her level. The previous ones last year, I did not think she was ready.

Today, I thought she was ready. Serena knows her level is close to win a Major again but I do not know if she has ever won a Grand Slam putting 49 percent first serve in." Serena said: "I guess I got to keep going if I want to be a professional tennis player. And I just got to just keep fighting through it. Yeah, I definitely did better than I did against Halep."