I don't think Serena showed up in the US Open final, says Williams

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I don't think Serena showed up in the US Open final, says Williams

Serena Williams feels proud about her return to the competition from motherhood. The American player said: "I feel like in 20 years, I definitely will be like, Wow, that wasn't so bad (smiling). It's very hard right now in the moment to, like, take this and say, It didn't work out for you today, but it's really hard right now to take that moment in and to say you did okay, because I don't believe I did.

I believe I could have played better. I believe I could have done more. I believe I could have just been more Serena today. I honestly don't think Serena showed up. I have to kind of figure out how to get her to show up in Grand Slam finals."

Williams also praised Bianca Andreescu for her performance in the final: "I felt like Bianca plays well under pressure. She played really well at Indian Wells. She was definitely not a favorite there, but she goes out and she plays hard.

She does what she does best, and that's move up to the ball, that's hit winners, that's play with a ton of intensity. I just feel like she did that really, really well today." Asked to compare her recent four Grand Slam finals one another, Serena said: "I think today I definitely fought.

I mean, Kerber doesn't count because, like, I was exhausted. My baby was eight months, and that's tough. But all of it honestly, truly is super frustrating. I'm, like, so close, so close, so close, yet so far away."