Serena Williams: 'It's inexcusable for me to play at that level'

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Serena Williams: 'It's inexcusable for me to play at that level'

Serena Williams is disappointed with her US Open final loss to Bianca Andreescu. The American player said: "I definitely can say that I'm not really happy, but I have to, like, take it one moment at a time. I honestly didn't play my best today.

I could have played better. That's the only solace that I can take right now." On what she was impressed the most with by Andreescu's game, Williams added: "I thought she brought more intensity than versatility.

I didn't give her too much opportunity to have versatility. I love Bianca. I think she's a great girl. But I think this was the worst match I've played all tournament. It's hard to know that you could do better. It's just taking it, whatever.

I don't even know what to say." On what she is thinking about her loss, Serena concluded: "I was thinking, Okay, Serena, you didn't miss a serve, you lost serve maybe twice in the whole tournament, and you didn't hit a first serve in today, so...

That was obviously on my mind, like how do I play at a level like this in a final? Again, I think Bianca obviously played well. I think her returns make me play better and puts pressure on my serve. At the same time it's inexcusable for me to play at that level."